Get a Fair Price for Your Car in Victoria

Auto Guys Services Ltd offers cash for cars in Victoria. We come to your place, assess the condition of your scrap vehicle, offer a free estimate, tow your car, and pay you for getting rid of your old car. What could be a better deal? Sell your wrecked, worn-out, and unused car to us without leaving the comfort of your house. Selling your old car has never been easier. We have an extremely friendly and helpful staff to help you with anything you need. You can sleep in peace knowing that you have freed up space in your driveway, you got paid to do it, and you have contributed to sustainable environmental practices.

Free, Convenient, and Easy

If you own a broken-down truck, a car that won’t start, or a damaged van, come straight to Auto Guys Services Ltd for quality scrap car recycling services. We buy all kinds of vehicles for recycling. Auto Guys Services Ltd strives to make the process as convenient as possible with friendly staff, free estimates, residential pick-up, and cash offers in return. We will remove your belongings, stereo, and license plate. Your convenience is our top priority, it’s a win-win for you!

vintage car

Make Way for the New

Rid yourself of the old box and switch to a more fuel-efficient model. Auto Guys Services Ltd offers cash for your car.